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Nov 26, 2009

Dance to Change the World

How did a dance get Nehru to investigate dowry deaths?

How can a dance convince villagers to make their own clean water when governments fail?

To find the answers to these two questions, you'll have to watch the dance video posted below by Mallika Sarabhai, a dancer/actor/politician, who tells a transformative story through dance and argues that the arts may be the most powerful way to effect change, whether political, social or personal. As her website states: "When asked what I like to be introduced as - dancer, choreographer, publisher, activist, writer, actor – I tend to say that I am a communicator. And that all the others are the different languages in which I communicate. There are many things that concern me, and that I think concern many many people around the world. The web is a great place to [communicate] as you know."

Watch her in full effect at her TED India talk below:

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